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Aims of the competition

To create a photographic record of contemporary Moscow life, preserve the historical heritage of the capital and support the creative endeavours of Russian photographers. Architecture; Events; everyday life; People.

The jury examines photographic series entered in the competition for the following categories:

  • Architecture;
  • Events, everyday life;
  • People.

Procedure for submitting photographs to the competition

Each photograph submitted will be allotted a code (the jury will judge the materials under code numbers).

Entries may be retrieved by the author after the 'Silver Camera' exhibition closes, for a period of no more than 6 months after closure.

The best photo reportages of the year will be exhibited in Russia and abroad.

Works by competition winners will become part of the museum collection.


This is an open one-round competition.

Participation in the competition is free of charge.

At the end of the competition the jury will present three awards from the Moscow Government each totalling 5000 conditional units of foreign currency (in rubles at the Central Bank rate) the 'Silver Camera' prize' and diplomas for all competition prizewinners.

Other awards and special prizes are also expected.

According to the competition results there will be an exhibition of the best photo reportages and an award ceremony for the winners. Selection of exhibits will be carried out by the competition organisers.

  • Competition entries should be in the form of photographs.
  • Photo-collages will not be accepted.
  • All entries must be accompanied by the required information (the author's first and family name, date of birth, home address and postal code, contact telephone, title of the photo reportage; the application must be completed when the entry is submitted to the competition curator).
  • Photo reportages entered in the competition must have been shot within the last 2 years.
  • Size of the photo reportage: 7–15 photographs.
  • An author may enter photo reportages in several different categories of the competition.
  • All works entered in the competition must be signed (author's surname, title of the photo reportage).
  • Prints should be at least 30 х 40 cm. and no more than 60 х 90 cm.
  • For photographs larger than 30 х 45 a СD disk in TIF format, colour model RGB, size 20 х 30, resolution 300 DPI or control prints measuring 10 х 15 must be submitted, and for smaller photo formats we prefer a CD disk in the same format.

Entries should be submitted through the contest's official site official site (rus)

or at the following adress:119034 Moscow, ul. Ostozhenka, d.16 (metro Kropotkinskaya)

For additional information please call: (495) 637-11-22 (tone *219); fax: (495) 637-11-44

Competition curator: Nina Levitina. E-mail: