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Create Yourself


Create Yourself

Create Yourself is part of our program aiming to help physically challenged children. Within the frames of the program we have launched a fundraising auction which resulted in purchase of equipment for series of classes in photography for the social care center for disabled children «Yuzhnoe Butovo» as well as for an Moscow orphanage #24. Two of Russia’s most well-known photographers Sergey Kivrin and Vladimir Vyatkin were invited to teach the classes.

«The personality of a handicapped child forms within a constrained living space, and such children often fully depend on other people’s help to survive, especially those with musculoskeletal disorders. However, these children are usually very sensitive and gifted with a talent for self-reflection; their perception of this world is different from ours, and all these factors are most helpful in developing creativity. We hope that photography can help such children to solve one of their most important problems: the problem of social adaptation. Perhaps photoraphy will become a true passion for some of them, and if they decide to become professional photographers then we will be there to help them on this path.» — says Olga Sviblova, director of The Moscow House of Photography Museum

2009 was announced to be «The Year of Equal Opportunities». The Moscow House of Photography museum in collaboration with The Moscow Times have launched a contest in photography and a resulting exhibition of works created by children with special needs. The project Create Yourself was curated by the museum and the exhibition was shown in the «Manezh» exhibition hall in October 2009.

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