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A brief history of absence

GES-2, 27.04—3.09.2023

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Satka, Palace of Culture "Magnesite", 27.09—3.12.2023

Still here. Tratidional images in contemporary Russian style

Moscow area, Museum-reserve Arkhangelskoye Exhibition hall in the "Botanical orangeries" , 20.09—28.11.2023

I felt the world as a given. A retrospective photo exhibition of the legendary cinematographer Vladislav Mikoshi. 1920-1970

Saratov, Saratov State Art Museum named after A.N. Radischev, 7.09—24.09.2023

The best future of the square of the First Five-year plan

Ekaterinburg, Uralmash Summer Garden, 29.07—30.09.2023

Tea in the gardens of Russia and Turkey

Saint Petersburg, The Russian Museum, 30.06—4.09.2023

A Brilliant Epoch. Italian Fashion of the 80s

Saint Petersburg, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, 8.11.2022—12.03.2023