Alternative culture of 80s

Multimedia Art Museum, 17.II—9.IV.2017

Genius in the studio and behind the Paris art scene

Multimedia Art Museum, 17.II—9.V.2017

Pre-auction exhibition «To see Paris»

Multimedia Art Museum, 17.II—28.II.2017

Rebels’ Paris 1982

Multimedia Art Museum, 26.I—26.II.2017

Montage of attractions

Multimedia Art Museum, 24.XI.2016—10.III.2017


Photographs and Diaries. 1929—1936

Yekaterinburg, Yeltsin–Center, 3.II—26.III.2017

Russia. 20th century in photographs: 1900-1917

Izhevsk, Gallery Exhibition Centre, 22.II—2.IV.2017

Russia. 1917

Veliky Novgorod, State museum of Veliky Novgorod, 3.II—8.III.2017

Propaganda of Photographing

Yekaterinburg, Museum of Photography “Metenkov’s house” , 22.XII.2016—26.II.2017

Russia. XX century in photographs. 1918-1940

Izhevsk, Exhibition Hall of Izhevsk Museum in Summer Garden of Centre "General House", 22.II—2.IV.2017



Vienna, Jewish Museum, 22.II—21.V.2017

Children’s fashion 100 years ago

Spasskoe-Lutovinovo, State memorial and natural museum "Spasskoe-Letvinovo", 20.II—20.III.2017

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