Sculptures, Drawings, Photographs, Films.

Multimedia Art Museum, 16.IX—15.XII.2017

Facing East

Multimedia Art Museum, 3.XI.2017—1.II.2018

33 Beginnings – 100 years of Finnish design

Multimedia Art Museum, 16.XI.2017—4.II.2018


Multimedia Art Museum, 16.XI.2017—4.II.2018

Hungarian avant-garde. 1918-1939

Multimedia Art Museum, 10.X.2017—8.I.2018

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Russia. 1917

Samara, Museum of Modern, 12.XII.2017—4.II.2018

Bolshoi. New Time

Norilsk, Museum of Norilsk, 17.XI.2017—14.I.2018

Priceless Testimony

Novosibirsk, Center of Culture and Rest "Pobeda", 16.XI—17.XII.2017

2017 Pirelli Calendar by Peter Lindbergh and more..

Kirov, The Vasnetsov Brothers Art Museum, 16.XI.2017—8.I.2018

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