Battle of Moscow

Multimedia Art Museum, 5.XII.2016—22.I.2017

Montage of attractions

Multimedia Art Museum, 24.XI.2016—26.II.2017

Experiments for the Future

Multimedia Art Museum, 24.IX.2016—12.II.2017

Rough route

Multimedia Art Museum, 16.XII.2016—5.II.2017


Propaganda of Photographing

Yekaterinburg, Museum of Photography “Metenkov’s house” , 22.XII.2016—26.II.2017

Russia. XX century in photographs. 1918-1940

Samara, Samara Regional Art Museum , 1.XII.2016—29.I.2017

Lilya Brick. The Journey That Never Happened

Kazan, Khazinе National Art Gallery, 10.XI.2016—29.I.2017

Russia. XX century in photographs. 1946—1964

Kazan, Gallery of Modern Art (The State Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan Republic), 15.XII.2016—30.I.2017

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